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Rules when Fairways are out of play

The green and yellow stakes denote the centre line of the fairway for determining whether a ball should be taken to the left or right hand semi-rough or rough. They have no other purpose. A ball moved from the fairway and placed in the semi-rough or rough must not be played from a point nearer to the pin. A player may place his ball at any point in the semi-rough or rough, subject to this condition.

The white lines described in the course superintendent's notice are denoted by the white plastic markers on the fairways. No club, including putter, should be used outside these white lines on the fairway. Inside the white lines, the ball may be lifted, cleaned and replaced within six inches of it's original position, and any club may be used to play it.

Markers are in place on the 6th, so balls must be lifted and taken to the semi-rough or rough when short of the white line.

The ground between the 4th tee and the fringe of the green in not fairway, so any club can be used. The ball must be played as it lies.

On the 12th & 17th, six inches placing is permitted on the collars of the greens. A new drop zone is to be marked out on the 17th.

If the ball is hit directly into the semi-rough or rough, the ball must be played as it lies.