Mens Announcements


Captain's Prize Patrick Murphy

Saturday 21st July 2018

Only those whose names are in the draw and have played three(3) or more club sponsored competitions may compete for Captain's Prize.

7.00 J Cronin, G Gibson, C Gibson

7.10 B Golden, J Gibson, M Gill, D Gibson

7.20 R O'Mahony, A Cronin, J Curran, D Brosnan

7.30 C Flaherty, D McGillicuddy, A O'Dwyer, F McGillicuddy

8.00 P Huggard, G O'Malley, M Murphy, K Moran

8.10 J O'Neill, Tim O'Sullivan, J A Casey, E McGillicuddy

8.20 R Kane, Jim Sugrue Snr, P O'Connell, P Maher

8.30 G McSweeney, F Stephenson, K Barry, N O'Sullivan

8.40 Tom O'Sullivan, E English, T Foley, S Murphy

8.50 J Fleming, P Everett, D O'Mahony, G O'Driscoll

9.00 G McGillicuddy, R Murphy, Jimmy Sugrue Jnr, A O'Connell

9.10 Ml O'Sullivan, A MaCauliffe, T Meade, Ml R Dwyer

9.40 Ml O'Flynn, D Mullins, G Barrett, R Horgan

14.20 Captain, Captain, Captain, Captain

14.30 N O'Driscoll,R Sheehan, A Landers, P Giltinan

14.40 D Farrell, D Curran, R Orpen, P Fitzgerald

14.50 Ml Flaherty, R Cotter, P Sheehan,

15.00 S O'Shea, V Devlin, L O'Kane, G McCoy

15.10 J Browne, Ml Donnelly, C McCarthy

15.20 C Maher, E Cagney, P Coffey

15.50 G O'Neill, G O'Connell, D Daly, A Huggard

16.00 V Devane, J Guirey, K Falvey, Ml McSweeney

16.10 V O'Sullivan, D Courtney

BBQ from 7pm. Cost €25

Music by Alan Clifford & Friends from 8.30pm

Entry Fee €10

Prize presentation at 9.30pm

Last cards 9.00pm

Any changes please inform secretary on 0877547657