COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT by Waterville Golf Club: Men’s Section Update 8.7.2020

Updated Supplementary Competition Conditions

Dear Member,

Qualifying Competitions will continue from Sunday 12.7.2020.

All tee times have to be booked through the office. All players must sign in prior to starting on the 1st Tee.

Different signing in and scoring procedures will apply from those normally in use.

The computer will not be in use. 

The signing in book, score cards and box for entry fees will be located on a table in the corridor outside the competition room, this room will not be in use. Please bring your own pen/pencil to sign in. A pen will not be provided at the table. It is requested that only notes, no coins are used for entry fees.

Each member will mark and sign their own card as player. On completion of play have one of your playing partners verify your score and you print their name on the markers line. Do not swap cards.

You will then enter your score using the website on your smart phone or similar electronic device. Last cards must be submitted electronically before 9pm on Sundays. All cards will be placed in the competition box after play whether entered electronically or not.

All cards must be returned regardless of the number of holes played.

Any cards not properly completed will result in disqualification.

Scores received electronically after 9 pm will not be accepted but may be used for handicapping purposes.

Non returns will be treated in the usual way.

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes with front and back nine prizes. Usual countback will apply.

The results will be posted on Masterscoreboard later that evening or early Monday morning.

The competitions will be qualifying from now on and the usual rules will apply.

The Order of Merit is also running and there will be 20 counting competitions to the year end.

You are requested to leave the flags in position at all times as already notified. They should not be removed under any circumstance.

A local rule with regard to bunkers will apply with preferred lies, placing, within 6 inches of the reference point not nearer the hole. You may not smooth the sand prior to placing the ball. Please see local rule on Competitions Table before play.

These conditions take effect immediately.

Please practice Social Distancing as advised by the HSE.

Can all please ensure to comply with the above competition requirements which will be reviewed on a week to week basis. Your total co-operation is required.

We are conscious that Golf is played in the open air and the experts tell us that the chances of contracting the virus in these circumstances are low. Nonetheless, your health and safety is our paramount concern and we feel that we can assist in the broader effort by implementing a number of  measures.

A number of potential risks have been identified and we want to reduce these risks are far as practicable.

Captain Dan and Waterville Mens Committee


Rules when Fairways are out of play

The green and yellow stakes denote the centre line of the fairway for determining whether a ball should be taken to the left or right hand semi-rough or rough. They have no other purpose. A ball moved from the fairway and placed in the semi-rough or rough must not be played from a point nearer to the pin. A player may place his ball at any point in the semi-rough or rough, subject to this condition.

The white lines described in the course superintendent's notice are denoted by the white plastic markers on the fairways. No club, including putter, should be used outside these white lines on the fairway. Inside the white lines, the ball may be lifted, cleaned and replaced within six inches of it's original position, and any club may be used to play it.

Markers are in place on the 6th, so balls must be lifted and taken to the semi-rough or rough when short of the white line.

The ground between the 4th tee and the fringe of the green in not fairway, so any club can be used. The ball must be played as it lies.

On the 12th & 17th, six inches placing is permitted on the collars of the greens. A new drop zone is to be marked out on the 17th.

If the ball is hit directly into the semi-rough or rough, the ball must be played as it lies.