Major Event's Diary 2020

6th Waterville

January 5th: Captains Drive-In

April 4th: Ladies Am-Am

May 1st - 3rd: Invitation weekend

May 15th - 17th: Invitation weekend

Jun 11th - 13th: Int. Member Guest (Course Closed)

July 4th: Lady President Maureen O' Sullivan's Prize

July 5th - 19th: The Kerry Cup

July 11th: Captain Dan Brosnan's Prize

July 17th: Play in Pink

July 21st - 23rd : World Invitational Father/Daughter

Aug 5th- Aug 8th: Father & Son Tournament (Course Closed)

Aug 15th: Lady Captain Aileen Maher's Prize

Aug 22nd: President John Fleming's Prize

Sept 26th: President John Fleming's Prize to Ladies

Sept 3rd - 5th: Int. Member Guest (Course Closed)

Oct 2nd & 3rd: Charlie Chaplin Am Am (Course Closed)

Oct 10th: Captain Mr Dan Brosnan's Prize to Ladies