Event Diary 2018

6th Waterville

March 24th: Ladies Am-Am

May 4th - 6th: Invitation weekend

May 18th - 20th: Invitation weekend

Jun 21st - 23rd :Int Member /Guest

July 7th: Lady President Pat Marchant's Prize 

July 21st: Captain Pat Murphy's Prize

July 23rd - 25th : World Inv Father/Daughter

July 29th - Aug 3rd : The Kerry Cup

Aug 8th- Aug 11th Course closed: Father & Son Tournament 

Aug 18th: Lady Captain Kathleen Cronin's Prize

Aug 25th: President Jimmy Curran's Prize

Sept 6th - 8th: Course closed Int Member /Guest

Sept 29th: President Jimmy Curran's Prize to Ladies

Oct 5th - 6th: Charlie Chaplin Am Am

Oct 13th: Captain Pat Murphy's Prize to Ladies