Charlie Chaplin Am Am 2023

Charlie Chaplin Am Am

Fri. Oct 6 & Sat. Oct 7 2023

Date: Rules as adopted by the AGM of 21/01/2022

Re: Charlie Chaplin Am Am Invitational.

The following Rules are proposed for the Charlie Chaplin Am Am Invitational from 21st. January, 2022.These rules can only be changed by agreement of the membership at an AGM except for those clauses reserved for action by the Committee whenever arising.

  1. The competition is to be called “The Charlie Chaplin Am-Am Invitational”(hereafter termed as the Event.)
  2. Waterville Golf Club will send out invitations each year to individual team Captains to compete in the Event. This invitation is valid for the year that it is issued only. No commitment is given to anybody that an invitation will be renewed year on year and the Committee decision on this matter is final.
  3. The Captain of each team is that person to whom the invitation was extended by Waterville Golf Club. This captaincy is not transferrable. Non playing Captains are not allowed. Each Captain can only play on their own team.
  4. All Captains must play, except in exceptional circumstances, where prior permission from the committee must be obtained. Each Captain shall name all members in his team when confirming acceptance of the invitation issued to him. A captain who does not play in the Event for two years in a row, excluding 2020 (exempted because of the Covid 19 Pandemic Restrictions that year), forfeits his team which is then returned to the committee for reassignment.
  1. The current Captain and President of Waterville Golf Club are to have a team during their year in office. They are each limited to having one team. The teams reserved for them as Captain and President are to be handed back to the club following their year(s) in office.
  2. The fees payable for each day of the Event and for members and visitors, shall be set by the Committee. All monies due for the Event, shall be received by the committee not less than 4 weeks before the event. The responsibility for making payment for each team rests with the Captain of that team. Any Captain who does not pay the entire fee due in time, forfeits his team for that year.
  3. The Event shall include 4 man teams, stableford format, best 2 scores to count on each hole. Members of all teams shall be not less than 19 years old on January 1st in the year in which the Event is held. Junior members of any club are not permitted to play. The Committee reserves the right to change the Event format.
  4. All players must be a member of an affiliated Golf Club and hold a recognized WHS Playing handicap. The maximum WHS Playing Index permitted is 30.
  5. The Playing Handicap for each player shall be 85% of their WHS Course Handicap.
  6. A Draw will be made at the end of play on Friday(day 1 of the event) for the Saturday timesheet. Leaders (top 10 & ties) are to go out together on Saturday at the times set by the Committee. The Committee decision on tee times is final.
  7. No substitutions are allowed during the Event.
  8. Any captain who was given a team in 2017 and all new teams since 2017, must have a minimum of 2 non-members. Substitution of named members by either members or non members in advance of the Event, will be permitted. Substitution of named non members by members in advance of the Event, will not be permitted. In the event of a non member not being available at a late stage prior to the Event, the Captain shall procure an alternative non member and may be given assistance by the Committee to procure one if so desired. Substitution of named members of any team existing prior to 2017 by either members or non members in advance of the Event, will be permitted, subject to the requirements of Clause 4.
  9. Each member of the Winning Team shall have their Event playing handicap cut in the year following their win. This applies to all members of the winning team regardless of whether they play together in the following year or otherwise. The handicap cut applies to the Event only.

    The Reduction for each member shall be 10% of their WHS Playing Handicap Index.

    In addition, winners who are members of Waterville Golf Club may have their handicap adjusted as part of the annual handicap review for the following year. This review shall include a review of the Event results.

  10. Team scores must be returned on line at the Club via the Master Scoreboard facility only each day of the competition. Failure to return scores including cards, will result in elimination. The Committee reserves the right to change the method of returning scores.
  11. If due to severe weather conditions the Committee decides the Competition has to be cancelled on any of the two days, it will then be reduced to a one-day competition.
  12. The Committee decision on all matters is final.
  13. A waiting list for new team Captains, limited to 16 persons, shall be maintained by the Committee. Applications shall be made in writing or by email only to the Hon Secretary. Text messages shall not be accepted. Preference shall be given to Waterville Golf Club member led teams in considering any vacancies but Non Member led teams shall also be considered. If a person declines an invitation to enter a team when invited but expresses his interest in having a team in the future, he automatically goes to the bottom of the waiting list. Any decisions made by the Committee in relation to the Waiting List and the use of it when required, shall be final.
  14. These rules and regulations may be reviewed annually at the Club AGM.
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