Mens Announcements


President's Prize: Jimmy Curran

Saturday 25th August 2018

Only those whose names are in the draw and have played three(3) or more club sponsored competitions may compete for President's Prize.

7.00 M Gill, C Moynihan, J O'Neill

7.10 A Cronin, D Courtney, A MaCauliffe, Pete O'Connor

7.50 J A Casey, E McGillicuddy, Tom O'Sullivan, J Fleming

8.00 L Fitzgerald, David O'Sullivan, Kevin O'Sullivan

8.10 M Murphy, G O'Driscoll, P Sheehan, N O'Sullivan

8.20 G McSweeney, R Orpen, M McSweeney, B Buckeridge

8.30 K Barry, R Sheehan, B O'Halloran, V Fenton

8.40 A O'Connell, Tim O'Sullivan, S Murphy, 

8.50 G Barrett,R Kane, D Mullins

9.00 Jimmy Sugrue Snr, S Kelly, G McGillicuddy

9.10 G O'Malley, P Everett, Ml R Dwyer

10.30 Ml O'Flynn, T Foley, D Farrell, P Aherne

14.30 S O'Shea, L Twomey, Jimmy Sugrue, M Donnelly

14.40 M O'Sullivan(guest), B Lynch, M Halrahan

14.50 J M Curran, M Quirke, M McCarthy, T Dwane

15.00 J O'Connell, M Potter, D O'Sullivan

15.10 D O'Riordan, N Hedigan, D Thirion, Patrick Murphy

15.20 Ml O'Driscoll, M Kelly, L O'Kane, J Riordan

15.30 Paddy Murphy, D Brosnan, D O'Mahony, Buddy O'Shea

15.40 J Browne, Pat O'Connell, R Clarke, M O'Sullivan

15.50 A Huggard, C Maher, P Griffin, 

16.00 C McCarthy, D Curran, W O'Driscoll, N O'Driscoll

16.10 G O'Connell, V O'Sullivan, P Coffey, G O'Neill

Buffet from 7pm. Cost €25

Music by Gary Dwyer & Jimmy Casey from 8.30pm

Prize Presentation at 9.30pm

Last cards 9.00pm

Any changes please inform secretary on 0877547657