Major Event's Diary 2019

6th Waterville

January 13th: Captains Drive-In

April 6th: Ladies Am-Am

May 3rd - 5th: Invitation weekend

May 17th - 19th: Invitation weekend

Jun 20th - 22nd: Int. Member Guest (Course Closed)

July 6th: Lady President Liz O'Neill's Prize

July 7th - 11th: The Kerry Cup

July 13th: Captain Patrick Fitzgerald's Prize

July 23rd - 25th : World Invitational Father/Daughter

Aug 7th- Aug 10th: Father & Son Tournament (Course Closed)

Aug 17th: Lady Captain Anne O'Malley's Prize

Aug 24th: President James Curran's Prize

Sept 28th: President James Curran's Prize to Ladies

Sept 5th - 7th: Int. Member Guest (Course Closed)

Oct 4th & 5th: Charlie Chaplin Am Am (Course Closed)

Oct 12th: Captain Mr Patrick Fitzgerald's Prize to Ladies

Dates for Medal/Stroke Competitions 2019

April 14th and 16th

May 26th and 28th

June 16th and 18th

July 14th and 16th

August 11th and 13th

September 15th and 17th

October 20th and 22nd

11th May 2019

2018 Captain, Mr Patrick Murphy's Prize to Ladies was deferred due to Fairways being out of play and Non Qualifying Competition 

This competition will now be played on 11th May 2019

Tee Times to be advised